A little bit about myself: 

I have a playful and caring nature which i feel shines in my work as a yoga teacher, a big passion of mine is to know that i can help people to feel more comfortable in themselves. With deepest thanks to everything that reminds us that we just ARE. For me this has come through practising yoga, 5Rhythms, Dancing Freedom, spending time in nature, laughing and taking care of others.

The practices of Yoga and Dancing Freedom have helped me to find tools to navigate this 'roller coaster' journey of life.  With these tools I have the opportunity to find a solution to a problem - Yoga has taught me to relax and find space in my body/mind and dance has helped me to let go of blocked energy and realise every things is actually okay! I have a better chance now in life to listen and respond rather than react and create more tension around a problem.  All i know now is you've just got to keep on practicing and letting go.

Previous roles as a Nanny, a Care Support Worker for children with special needs, a Children's Entertainer and presently as an auntie to my niece with special needs, I have a specialised interest in offering yoga and Dancing Freedom to children, teenagers and their families separately or together to feel for

  • FUN and PLAY

A little bit of history

I discovered yoga at the cusp of adulthood when the whole world was opening up to me.  I went to an Ashtanga Yoga class in Battersea, got deeply challenged by the teacher Gingi Lee and gained glimpses of clarity in peace after each class, like chink of light in a dark room.

At that time I'd just finished school, was training as a tefl teacher and leaving for a year's adventure in South America. The old saying that "home is where the heart is" spoke true to me, whenever i did the practice on my travels I felt grounded and confident.

My working life has formed over the years as a TEFL teacher, performing artist (The Hub Theatre School, Cornwall), a good chunk of time as a care-worker for adults and children with autism, a professional dog walker in London, as a nanny, fashion accessory designer and voluntary creative youth worker (Lifebeat.co.uk).

My work covers the following:

  • Classes for children's and family yoga
  • Private group yoga classes
  • Dancing Freedom Facilitator 
  • Yoga therapist for children with special needs
  • TeenYoga teacher
  • Children's Entertainer

I work to support and nurture: -

  • Children and Children with special needs
  • Teenagers
  • Mums and Dads
  • The whole family
  • Community and Co Creation



CURRENT WORK located in the Bath and Bristol area.

  • Private group yoga classes in the countryside surrounding Bat and Bristol
  • One to One private yoga therapy for children with special needs 
  • Teenyoga in Secondary schools
  • Creative Arts Facilitator for LifeBeat - click here
  • Core Team Member of The Wave Bristol - please click here for more info
  • Children's Entertainer



Gratitude to my teachers

With thanks to Samantha Sweetwater (Dancing Freedom), Jo Manuel (Specialyoga), Laura Gilmour (Hatha yoga) Gingi Lee (Ashtanga yoga), Nicole Aarons (Kundalini yoga), Vicky Oliver (Yogabananas), Heinz Grill (Sivananda yoga),  and Swami Dharmananda for his animated lectures in philosophy and meditation at international Vishwaguru Yoga and Meditation institute, Ram Jhula, Northern India, for passing on the practice of yoga with clarity and dedication and inspiring us to teach as well!

Despite a surfeit of yoga teachers, finding one that fires up your desire to do yoga, and who's classes you really love and look forward to, is harder than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. But Sophie is that elusive needle - a really excellent teacher who makes you never want to miss one of her classes. I can't recommend her enough.
- Ants Bollingbroke-Kent - Journalist/Author
Sophie has a lovely warm and nurturing teaching style. I really love how she brings in snippets of etheric info into the classes; I find it really helps to bring a bit of magic into the work that we do. Classes are well thought out and with each week Sophie gently builds on the complexity of the poses. After her classes I always feel more grounded and centred. I think most of all though, I enjoy the sense of connection I have with my body after a class with Sophie.
- Jenny Ransom - Massage Therapist
I had an incredible Hatha session yesterday with Sophie. Sophie has a lovely ability to guide you through any particular sequence. Her simple trigger-words and -phrases instantly and sensitively created a easy-to-understand visualisation within my mind's eye. With my eyes closed and focussed on breathing, this makes all the difference without having to glance up. I can honestly say in roughly five years of on-again, off-again yoga practice, I learnt some new, simple but very effective pointers that helped me to achieve lovely 'unforced' movements, serenity and overall beautiful vibe! It's clear that Sophie creates a beautiful, supportive and fun environment for this to occur. Thanks so much Sophie. See you again!
- Stephen Curtain


  • Yoga for the Special Child Basic 1
  • TeenYoga
  • Yoga from Within - accredited by European Yoga Alliance
  • Bristol City Yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga Bananas - children’s yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Indian Head massage
  • Reiki I and II.

Certified to work with children

Paediatric first aid 12 hour course
Public Liability insured to £5000,000
Enhanced CRB check – Ofsted Early Years registered person



07903 342 652