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 Yoga classes for Teenagers with typical needs 

I am a certified TeenYoga practitioner.  I love to connect with young people and offer yoga and free form dance.

Hire me for after-school clubs.  For TeenYoga I can organise to run courses funded completely by WEsport's Sportivate, at no cost to your school.

Spiritual and social benefits of Children's Yoga

Compassion Opens us to our greater qualities of kindness, compassion, and non-violence in the acceptance of the self and others

Connection Cultivates interconnectedness between ourselves and others

Mental and emotional benefits

Stress-Management Provides techniques for calming thoughts

Improved Decision Making Teaches children to make choices that respect themselves and others

Concentration Develops ability to focus through practical disciplines of breath and bodywork

Healthy Body Image Helps self-image develop free of media and other cultural influences


Adult Private Yoga classes 

Working 1:1 or with your partner can help you create a deeper understanding of your yoga practice and hopefully inspire the beauty of discipline for your daily practice.  Whether its 10 minutes of breathing exercises or 30 mins of yoga postures, regularity will be your key to feeling more steady and at ease with your everyday life.

Cost £70 (inclusive of travel in a 20 mile radius of SN14 8JU)


Hatha yoga sessions

I offer calm, clear and descriptive guidance, ensuring precise alignment and individual progression through each class.  Each session is a mindful balance of energy (for a good work –out) and calm (to improve inner harmony) that ultimately induces physical, mental and emotional relaxation. 


  • Yoga from Within - accredited by European Yoga Alliance
  • Bristol City Yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • TeenYoga certificate - www.teenyoga.co.uk
  • Yoga Bananas - children’s yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga for the Special child (www.specialyoga.org)
  • Indian Head massage
  • Reiki I and II.

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