Dancing Freedom explanation

Dancing Freedom is a facilitated movement meditation dance practice accompanied by sumptuous and inspiring music, DJed from stunning artists across from the board.  The practice draws upon the five elements, (earth, water, fire, air and ether) as symbols for the tangible relationship between the natural world and the body.  In each session a theme is offered up as inspiration to create an intention which the dancer gets to move with. It could be a personal or collective matter to meditate upon, bringing the dancer and the whole group into the present together as the business of the head makes way for the awareness of body.  
It's a non judgemental, down-to-earth and playful space to let go and dance in.  A great way to get fit and feel joy! Everyone is welcome!


Sophie's inspiration to dance

With eight years of experience as a facilitator of yoga and dance for adults and children with 'special' and 'typical' needs and her more recent experience as a DJ, Sophie is passionate about dance, knowing all her life that when she dances she feels free.  Her work is dedicated to facilitating dance spaces where people of all ages and backgrounds can be more in touch with themselves through the art of feeling present to life.



"Thank you so so much for the space you held today, and for the warmth, genuine joy, gentle support and contagious inspiration your poured into it. We benefited hugely as a family and as individuals, it's delicious, thank you xx"
- Refkah A'Court-mond
I felt able to let go of judgement for most of the time i've been told I can't dance but I felt it didnt matter really enjoyed it see you next week
- Jeramiah Sweeting
What an experience, it was what many of us busy mums dream of- to dance quietly in our own littles spaces and re claim these hard working body's. My joy of dance thoroughly re-kindled having listened to my body's impulses n mummers openly....my heart opened, my aches diluted- can't wait for next one!!! thank you for creating a safe candle lit space to privately yet together explore these earthly body's we inhabit for this lifetime. A wonderful 2hr dedication and prayer of gratitude to our body's n souls
- Nikki Jenkins
Sophie created a bubble of safety holding space with a beautiful energy; allowing us to explore the connection between mind and body with amazing intensity. Thank you... so much.
- Nicola Carley - Yoga teacher
I felt totally free and able to express myself in every which way. That kind of freedom emerges from a well held and safe space.
- Hattie Wells
I really enjoyed coming to your dancing freedom night when I could, and I think you’re outstanding at it! You’re a total fairy goddess mother earth rock star and I totally love you.
- Ashley Beasley - Yoga Teacher, Thailand