Bespoke Yoga classes 

A way to experience a more 1:1 feel in your own home, sharing a more personalised yoga practice with a small group of your friends or with your partner (husband/wife).  Together you share the rewarding benefits of yoga - physical exercise, relaxation and a more authentic sense of connection with one another.  I can provide mats and yoga equipment and a good dose of humour! (taking yoga seriously but not too seriously!) 

Be in touch with me to answer your questions.

The cost is £70 which can be shared amongst a group of maximum 5 friends or family (travel fees apply for longer distance travel)

info(at) / 07903 342 652


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  • Yoga from Within - accredited by European Yoga Alliance
  • Bristol City Yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • TeenYoga teaching certificate -
  • Yoga Bananas - children’s yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga for the Special child (
  • Indian Head massage
  • Reiki I and II.


"Sophie’s supremely attentive, passionate about her teaching practice but also great fun. They don’t come any better as far as I’m concerned."
Jane Boston - Mother/Business Coach

"Sophie leads us with enthusiasm, courage and a wonderful sense of humour.  She manages to get the most out of us each and every week and just seems to know intuitively exactly what it is that we need.  I could honestly not recommend her highly enough.  She is highly professional, directs us with calm clarity and makes you feel so confident in your abilities. Anyone who gets to work with Sophie will be extremely lucky - I feel as if I have found a real treasure and someone who inspires me to take more care and be kinder to myself. She introduces yoga in such an accessible manner for everyone to enjoy and her warm, caring and calm energy is lovely to be around."
Bryony Johnstone - Mother/MD of Waterbabies

"Sophie works with the whole person in her yoga classes. Undergoing chemotherapy for secondary cancer I was worried that the class would be too strenuous for me and that I would feel that I wasn't able to keep up with the others. Sophie gently encourages and gets the best from me whilst encouraging me to listen to my body and do what is right for me. I never feel singled out or different or less able, just supported and looked after. She has a beautiful positive energy and I look forward to her classes very much."
Ciara Langmaid - Mother

Yoga brings us together

I have an intuitive approach to holding yoga sessions. In a group setting I invite us to come together to support each other, dropping into a calmer state of being, creating a safe place where the physical body can be truly experienced in it's ability to stretch, be strengthened and to soften. I love to help dispel the notion that you have to touch your toes to be 'good' at yoga!  Together let's drop the fantasy of how yoga should look! I like to make classes as nurturing and fun.