Private Yoga classes 

Working 1:1 or with your partner can help you create a deeper understanding of your yoga practice and

hopefully inspire the beauty of discipline for your daily practice.  Whether its 10 minutes of breathing

exercises or 30 mins of yoga postures, regularity will be your key to feeling more steady and at ease with

your everyday life.

Cost £70 (inclusive of travel in a 18 mile radius of Bristol)

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Yoga brings us together

I have an intuitive approach to classes with a number one focus on the breath! Why else would you come to practice?  We come together to support each other to drop into a calmer state of being, into a safe place where the physical body can be truly experienced. We are never going to get it right.  In fact there's nothing to get wrong - that's the beauty of yoga! Together let's drop the fantasy of how yoga should look! So I like to make classes as nurturing and fun as can be with your help!  There will be time to talk and say hi,  to breathe, to stretch, (to dance) and to relax.  




  • Yoga from Within - accredited by European Yoga Alliance
  • Bristol City Yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • TeenYoga certificate -
  • Yoga Bananas - children’s yoga - accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Yoga for the Special child (
  • Indian Head massage
  • Reiki I and II.